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Blackberry Z10 Features and Price in India

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Here’s the complete details of  Blackberry Z10 smartphone. Blackberry Z10 price in India and its features, specs are given below.

Much hyped as Blackberry’s last gamble, the company has finally launched its Z10 smartphone with the prospect to save its scope and strengthen its presence among leading competitors- the iPhone 5, Galaxy SIII and Nokia. And while the company, Research In Motion has renamed itself Blackberry, questions continue on whether the Z10 would be actually proving to be its champion. Here’s a quick glance at how much you should expect from it.


As a smartphone, the device looks good with a strong resemblance to the iPhone5. The phone gives a distinct sense of elegance with its smooth black exterior with minimal button support.  Discarding the QWERTY pad brings in a large flawless display screen. Advanced features for easy accessibility make the device a more organized feel with easier editing and sharing features. On the whole, a good new smartphone but it may take a while for consumers to feel convinced.

Blackberry Z10 Features Blackberry Z10 price in India

The Blackberry Hub gives you run over your calendar, messages and social updates through a simple swipe. Experience effortless typing with its intelligent onscreen keyboard that predicts what you’re planning to write and makes your typing faster and smoother. The video screen share feature allows you to go through pictures and documents while you chat alongside face to face. This means having a face to face discussion over a document while reviewing it together!

Imagine being able to rework your look in your photos. The Z10’s camera comes with a time shift mode that lets you adjust your frames and even rework your blinks of your photos.

The Blackberry Remember feature lets you organize and organize all your documents, photos and messages into categories for easier access The phone features a work and personal profile to separate your personal information from official communications. The Z10 has an intelligent calendar that shows up all information with a respective meeting or event that was saved.

Blackberry Z10 Specifications

Built on Blackberry 10 OS and powered on a Dual core 1.5 GHz processor, the phone has a 4.2 inch glossy display screen that comes with a resolution of 1280 x 768 and 356ppi. A powerful 8mp rear camera allows HD video recording with 1080p. Allowing 3G and 4G support along with Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity, the phone has a 2GB RAM with 16GB internal storage with a microSD card. With a USB and HDMI ports, the Z10 is preloaded with some popular games, social networks and music apps for entertainment.

Blackberry Z10 Hands On

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The phone has a stunning display resolution and the device come with a voice control feature that recognizes your voice and converts them into words, letting you communicate text messages while you speak. As with an excellent range smartphones, the Z10 lets you watch movies, download Apps, play games and listen to music. A properly secured Blackberry Protect security system ensures data safety and has a fast and responsive browser that intelligently opts for your preferred sharing modes.


The device doesn’t have a spectacularly different design and is a step behind in terms of the front glass leaning design. Techies are also disappointed with some Apps and the low volume range and call quality, which seems average. Z10 also does not support microSD cards beyond 32GB and the camera shooting and focus modes also look a bit flimsy. The 1800mAh battery gives average performance.

Blackberry Z10 Price in India

The price of Blackberry Z10 in India is Rs 40,999.

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