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Google Glass Features, Specs, Price in India

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Here’s the complete detail on Google Glass. Google Glass price in India and its features, specs are given below:

The next rostrum of computing world has wearable-intelligent devices signifying the vogue and Google’s ‘Project Glass’ R&D project, or simply the ‘Google Glass’, is the most flattering device in that showground. This is a completely different and fresh gadget in itself, which can’t be assumed as an augmentation of our Android Tablet or Smartphone. The wearable-HMD (Head Mounted Display) unveiled in the year 2012 at a Google launch has generated lot of excitement.

This innovatory device has been officially announced by Google in 2012 and it is going to hit the retail stores at the end of 2013. In this article we will provide you a brief-up of the lineament of this much-hyped gizmo from Google.

Google Glass Technical Specifications google glass price in India

  • Display: A high resolution display, which is equivalent to a 25 incher HD Screen (from a distance of 8 ft)
  • CPU: Single-Core Processor
  • RAM: 256MB to 512MB
  • Memory: 16 GB Flash Memory (but with only 12 GB user available)
  • Graphics: Limited GPU
  • Camera: 5 MP
  • Videography: 720p
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, Bluetooth, microUSB
  • 3G Support: No

Google Glass Video

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Google Glass Features

1. Illustration with Maps

Illustration with maps

The commonly and extensively utilized Google Map feature is integrated inside the Google Glass. Using this aspect of Google Glass, users can very easily look up their desired establishments or locations through voice commands.

2. Sharing of Live Experience

Sharing of live experience

Using Google Glass one can share whatever he is seeing live with the world. Suppose if someone is attending some sort of gathering, say a family function, someone’s performance or a show, they can share it live with his family and friends.

3. ‘Google Now’: Integrated

google now

Google Glass will also accompany Google’s renowned voice digital assistant feature, Google Now. It’ll maintain all the records of your lifestyle, such as at what time you depart for your office or which course of journey you take. Through analysing, it’ll provide you the best alternative routes for your destination when there is a heavy traffic on the route, and also periodically provides you weather updates.

4. Translate


It is a very organized and an elegant feature of Google Glass, which may become extensively useful when someone travels overseas. One simply require to order this device to translate a sentence or a phrase from any language to any other language, and Google Glass will just interpret that and speak it out.

Some Voice Commands used in Google Glass

  • For Taking Picture: “OK Glass, Take A Picture.
  • For Recording Video: “OK Glass, Record A Video.
  • For Searching: “OK Glass, Google [desiring query].
  • For Starting Google+: “OK Glass, Hang Out With [desiring circle/person].
  • For Searching Photos: “OK Glass, Google Photos Of [desiring query].
  • For Finding Directions: “OK Glass, Give Directions To [desiring query].
  • For Translating: “OK Glass, Say [phrase] In [desired language].
  • For Using ‘Google Now’: “OK Glass, [query].
  • For Sending Message: “OK Glass, Send A Message To “[desiring name].

Google Glass Final Review

Well for this computerized glass from Google, we can say that it is just a path-breaking innovation in all human history.

Google Glass Release Date

Google Glass is likely to be available from 2014 in India.

Google Glass Price in India

Official Price of Google Glass for India is not yet released by the company. However, with such technology, it will cost around Rs 60000 – Rs 80000 in India.


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