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iPhone 6 Features, Specs, Price in India

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Here’s the complete details of iPhone 6. iPhone 6 price in India and its complete features and specs are given below.

The iPhone 5 has been a runaway success, and Apple now has all its eyes set on the new iPhone iOS6, that according to reports, is being geared up for release over the next some months although, it is not confirmed whether the company would launch it as the iPhone 6 or another version of the iPhone5, calling it the iPhone 5S.

Here is an expected preview of the new iPhone iOS 6.


The new Android based iPhone 6 is expected to have a plastic and metal combine exterior that some may not prefer. Apple this time plans to join the price competition and hence plans a plastic and metal combine. Any further increase in its physical height is not expected, and although an increase in width is always welcome for easier typing, it is less likely to undergo a change. The phone would have some new advanced features and would be revamped with a wireless charging feature.

iPhone 6 Alternatives

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iPhone 6 Visualization [Unofficial/Crafted]

iPhone 6 Features

The iPhone 6 would add ease of operation, and it is likely that Google Apps would be given a miss this time. Google Maps and YouTube would be heading out which would be replaced by Apple’s self developed navigation system and mapping in collaboration with TomTom. Reports suggest that the revamped mapping would provide free traffic information but realistically can be made better. User friendliness for the Map App takes a backseat, and it may not stand along with Google Map App in terms of detailed information.  Other new features may include FaceTime with 3G and more data sharing options with simpler photo streams and easier mail attachments.

The phone would have Safari, but it is not expected to undergo any radical change. Multiple options for incoming calls include sending pre customized messages, reminder options and ringing alerts from specific callers. The camera would support panoramic photos and a VIP mailbox would be accomplished add on for receiving mails from those who matter.

iPhone 6 Specifications iPhone 6 price in India

Expectations Technology experts have many expectations in this area that include expandable storage and a removable battery.  Although the new iPhone 6 is not expected to have any breakthrough invention, users can look forward to improved accessibility features and a brighter screen display. There is a user fatigue on the UI front which needs to undergo a change. The gadget should also have a regular MicroSD card and a micro HDMI out port.


The new device looks upbeat and is expected to be a fast and efficient phone supported with a powerful navigation system. Advanced phone features together with extremely good iCloud integration would make this gadget a superb buy. The iPhone 6 would have a beta version improved Siri for voice commands to take dictations, make phone calls and send messages. Apple is also looking to provide eyes free integration for Siri to optimize usage while on the move. The gadget would also have a new Passbook Apple app to take care of all your boarding cards, passes and tickets.


Looks like the iPhone 6 would have some low features with some issues in its new Map App. StreetView is likely to be absent from its Mapping, and the gadget is likely to have just an average flyover cover. The Do Not Disturb feature is also not expected to be location responsive.

Expected Launch and Price

The new iPhone 6 is likely to be launched around September 2013 for a price of $200 for the 16GB phone while an additional memory can cost you up to $100.

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